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Think of this book as a training manual in how to approach life, a beginner’s guide to Christian ethics. Read more

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About the book

Think of this book as a training manual in how to approach life, a beginner’s guide to Christian ethics. The first three chapters outline a framework for approaching any ethical topic in a comprehensive and faithful way. They also explain why Jesus and his word help us live freer than any other approach. The last six chapters give practical examples of how to use this framework, thinking through specific topics: studies, money, suffering, violence, sex, and identity.

This approach is in response to the need that Mike Snowdon (the author) saw from working with teenagers both in Australia and in Spain. Those who said they were agnostic or atheist no longer said, ‘How can you trust that the Bible is true?’ but rather ‘How can you believe that the Bible is good?’ The Christian teens then found themselves doubting what their churches said about God and whether his way was good. Both groups desperately needed to see God’s goodness in the Bible for themselves and to discover that it was good for everyone.

So Mike wrote this book for teenagers with two aims in mind:
1) to show that the Bible is God’s good word for his world
2) to offer practice in discovering and living out God’s goodness.

The book is also interactive with loads of images, diagrams, QR codes to videos, spaces to write, and stories.

The English version was published by Youthworks Media in 2022: A New Freedom: How God’s word equips you for life. The Spanish version was published by Andamio in 2021: Una Nueva Libertad: Cómo responde la Biblia a cualquier circunstancia de tu vida.

About the author

A New Freedom is by Mike Snowdon, a servant of Jesus who from 2012–2022 worked as a CMS (Church Missionary Society) missionary in Spain with Grupos Bíblicos Estudiantiles (Student Bible Groups) to help Spanish youth meet Jesus. He is married to Tania and they have four boys, all redheads. He likes coffee, making videos, playing guitar, baking bread, going to the beach, and spending time with his family, friends and church. He has worked with teenagers and young adults for 15 years as a youth pastor, speaker, student worker and resource creator, and has no intention of stopping.

'Be true to yourself' and 'Do whatever makes you happy' are the new commandments for today's world. But instead of setting us free, they have made us legalistic, unfulfilled and miserable. So how can we be truly free—especially when it comes to identity, sex, study and work? I highly recommend Mike Snowden's A New Freedom to start us in the right direction. We will discover our true place, purpose, and meaning. And we might also learn how to kite surf.

Sam ChanNational Communicator at City Bible Forum, author of Evangelism in a Skeptical World, How to Talk About Jesus and Topical Preaching in a Complex World

Thoughtful, practical, funny and liberating! Mike Snowdon navigates difficult and profound topics of our time in a brilliant, yet accessible, way. I believe this book will help many to find true freedom!

Sarah BreuelDirector of Revive Europe and Evangelism Training Coordinator for IFES Europe

Some people just tell you what you should think, feel and do—you feel constrained by them. This book will help you shape your own thoughts, feelings and actions around the person of Jesus Christ—and enjoy the freedom only he brings.

Ed ShawDirector of www.livingout.org and Pastor, Emmanuel City Centre, Bristol (UK). Author of The Plausibility Problem.

Do you want to live with the freedom that Jesus offers you? This book will not only help you to explore very important topics in a really practical way, but will also give you a solid yet simple foundation so you can repeat those steps with any other doubt that we have in our adventure as Christians.

Aitana BenítezStudent

Let Mike show you how the Bible’s epic story makes sense of your life … not with little verses here and there, but with a huge and amazing tour of God’s world, of God’s Son, and … of you. All in a way that will make you say: ‘Aha! I get it now. I can be different’.

Rev Dr Andrew CameronDirector of St Mark’s National Theological Centre and author of Joined-Up Life

When I talked about God with my classmates, they asked me, ‘How can God allow suffering if he is so good?’ These questions and doubts about God made me begin to reconsider his love, power and goodness. This book digs deep into who God is, what he’s like, if he’s really acting for or against us. If you too doubt if God is really good, this book will help you to get to know who he really is.

Sarai PardoStudent

Taking the Bible as God’s big story, Mike doesn’t duck the hard questions. Rather than giving us the rules, he shows us what we are for, rather than what we are against. He shows how the gospel really is good news—good for heart and mind, for body and soul, for relationships and intimacy. Good for all those looking for something more than ‘just being myself’. If you want to be real about your faith, an authentic Christian with a sense of purpose and meaning to your life, this is the book for you.

Glynn Harrison MD FRCPsychFormer Professor and Consultant Psychiatrist, University of Bristol, UK. Author of A Better Story

After reading Mike’s book, I can tell you that you are going to feel challenged to live a life focused around what God really wants of you. It won’t leave you the same.

Natalia GanivetHigh school teacher

Mike has perceived that in the new generations there is a longing for freedom and at the same time the desire to have a guide to what the good life would be today. With pedagogical criteria and in a conversational style, Mike offers us answers from biblical teaching. This book will not disappoint those who are searching.

Samuel Escobar Author, Emeritus Professor at Palmer Theological Seminary and founder of several IFES movements in South America.

Many think freedom is about breaking the chains that hold you back. However, true freedom is not found in getting rid of something but in finding someone. This is exactly what Mike explains in this book, in both a practical and passionate way. When you know Jesus personally you find true freedom, leading you to enjoy life ‘to the full’.

Pablo MartínezPsychiatrist, author and Bible teacher

Let yourself fly with this book. You’ll get to know God better, and yourself and the big story that we are all part of. You’ll laugh and cry with the experiences that Mike shares. Journey through these pages expecting that God will surprise you and lead you to the true freedom that is in Christ Jesus.

Hélder FavarínDirecto 180˚ Global, Pastor C29 Granada, and author