Big Bible table

The Big Bible Table is a reference sheet that helps you to quickly identify any Bible text within its literary, historical and biblical contexts. It keeps you faithful by assisting you to recall other things that you’ve read in the Bible. It assumes that God’s word won’t contradict itself, and that the contexts of a text will always help us to read the text more effectively. It doesn’t promise all the answers, but gives a simple guide. Read more about the Big Bible Table in the appendix: How to Faithfully approach a Bible text (A New Freedompp. 229–239) and see it in action throughout the book.

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Panoaerobics summarises what happens in each of the parts of the Big Bible Table’s timeline and shows how they fit together. It’s fun to do in a group before reading a text together with the Big Bible Table, but you could also do it on your own (maybe when no-one’s looking!).